August 24, 2016

Lyft Adds Precision Pickup

August 17, 2016 Rich Ord 0

All of us that use Lyft or Uber have been frustrated with trying to awkwardly communicate to the driver which door you at when exiting an arena, only to have to walk a block to meet the car. Lyft is working to solve this and make their app even more […]

What Will Artificial Intelligence Take Over in the Office?

August 7, 2016 Rich Ord 0

LinkedIn Influencers provided some advice on the future impact of artificial intelligence in the workplace. “The first thing that artificial intelligence will take over is the microphone on your laptop or computer,” said Reid Hoffman, Executive Chairman and co-Founder of LinkedIn in a new 30 second Influencer video.. “What will […]

Corporate HQ Street View of the Coolest Tech Companies

August 7, 2016 Rich Ord 0

Have you ever wondered what corporate headquarters of the coolest internet startups look like if you were walking by? We created a list of the 27 Google Street Views of the Coolest Tech Companies. Our list is of the coolest StreetViews at their current locations, but we couldn’t resist showing […]

Pokemon Go Growing Unbelievably Fast

July 29, 2016 Rich Ord 0

Pokemon Go, launched July 6, 2016, is arguably the fastest growing game ever. In that spirit YouTube Trends wondered just how big is it? “We asked the YouTube data, and can confirm that “Pokemon Go” is a unique video game phenomenon like no other,” commented YouTube Lead Gaming Curator Jeff […]